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Born in Munich, Chris Roemer is a filmmaker & freelance Animation/VFX Artist currently based in Hamburg. His work spans advertising, film, broadcast and design.
He holds a degree in Media Arts and Design from Weimar Bauhaus-University and studied in the Film & Video major at Pratt Institute, New York. Most recently, he realized various commercials, including films for Landesmuseum Württemberg and ETAS. He has worked on several shows and films, such as Jigsaw, Fack Ju Göhte 3, Tatort as well as numerous other productions. In 2017, he founded the filmmaking and media design collective Carlo along with two friends


2022 – Cropped // Director, Production, VFX
A horror story about a social media addicted influencer camping in the middle of the mountains.
2022 – ETAS - EHANDBOOK // Director, Production, VFX
Commercial about the everyday problems of a programmer and what solution ETAS provides.
2021 – Landesmuseum Württemberg - Die Geschichte Südwestdeutschlands // Director, Production
Video mapping showing the history of southwest Germany.
2020 – ETAS - Blue Box on Air // Director, Production
9-part series of advertising films for a Stuttgart IT company.
2018 – Lederwerker - Mach dich bereit // Director, Production
Commercial about a designer of medieval costumes.
2017 – Suck me Shakespeer 3 // VFX
School as the center of a series of crazy adventures.
2017 – Sony Music Entertainment - Nice Price // Director, Production
Commercial about a man on the hunt for new music for his collection.
2017 – Sony Music Entertainment - My Vinyl Love // Director, Production
Commercial for music albums.
2017 – Saw 8 - Jigsaw // VFX

Eighth part of the horror series.
2016 – Hexkraft Haus // Concept, 3D
Your own workplace at the computer as a virtual reality experience.
2016 – Menschen die nach oben starren // D.o.P.
Multimedia website about a UFO landing in Bulgaria.
2012 – Duvec // Director, D.o.P.
Dystopian story about two men fighting for a can of food.

Selection of clients

Sony Music Entertainment
Landesmuseum Württemberg
Court Culture
Internationale Sommerakademie für Kammermusik
Eagle Burgmann
Terra X