Chris Roemer Chris Roemer Director · Animation Artist

"What's in the box?" - This cannot be clearly stated, the content is too diverse for a simple answer. A blue box in the middle of a space - now floating, then standing, sometimes in the top right corner. The project is as large as it is multilayered, it consists of a total of twelve different films with different themes in a wide variety of styles. From concept and production to postproduction, all done by Carlo. From graphic novel to interview, from animated to real. This format was developed for ETAS' internal communication.

misc. / FullHD / 16:9

Concept, Directing and Production: Chris Roemer, Julius Schmitt
D.o.P.: Joshua Burkert
Aerial photography: Philipp von der Dellen
Editing and VFX: Chris Roemer, Julius Schmitt
Animation: Chris Roemer, Nele Schacht, Timm Völkner
Illustration: Gurkiman, Nele Schacht
Sound Design and Mix: William Amsler, Benjamin Voßler
Music: Johannes Schmitt