Chris Roemer Chris Roemer Film · Photography · Animation

Always online, always available - pics or it didn't happen. Out alone, a young social media passionist roams the wilderness, and yet she is seen by everyone. As she is about to fall asleep, she senses something outside her tent...

5 min. / UHD / 16:9 / Colour

Violetta: Emilia von Heiseler

Production: Carlo GbR | Julius Schmitt, Tobias Wolf
Director: Chris Roemer
Editing: Chris Roemer, Julius Schmitt
D.O.P.: Feline Gerhardt
Grading: Joshua Burkert
VFX, Animation: Chris Roemer, Tobias Wolf
Sound Design & Mix: William Amsler
Production Sound: Stefan Speich

With thanks to Anna-Maria Fahringer, Licht9 and ufo Filmgerät.